Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stages 1

All the world’s a stage
And we – you and I my friend
We pass through stages
Acts, scenes, lines
Youth – Family – Job – Security – Retired
Five stages (like good Hindus)?
Seven ages for the human creature?

We stage our set, bit-players rattling and rolling
Rock-climbing: there was a rattle to rock
Lizards and kittens, sinkholes and bells
A fine play worth more than a scene
The curtain call lives in my memory, except
When did the curtain fall?
On board ship, making Neptune’s acquaintance?
On Sadie Hawkins’ Day, afraid of the dance?
Asleep in the woods, car horns blowing?
I know it fell – I remember it well –
But when?

A stage, a scene, a play to recall
Somewhere as a later scene plays on

1 December 2004

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