Monday, January 15, 2007

Kinetic Chaos

Pictures hung in disarray
Long wall with rhyme and reason plenty, but
Pictures hung in disarray

Drainer full of dishes piled
Sink as full, replete with repast past
Dishes piled in disarray

Order fills the greater halls
Chaos fills the tiny walls within
A great grand narrative of order, beauty
A thousand acts of chaos bound by duty
To fill out the Great Hall of
Rhyme and Reason and Rithmetic
My mind, my self fights with overpowering chaos
Scarcely aware of rhyming reason bounding All
Pictures straightened hang on One Great Wall
Dishes done, laid out in grand array
For grander banquet in One Great Hall
“A neat metaphysical conclusion”
Or one piece of flying crockery
One falling picture

30 November 2004

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