Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stages 3

They call me Professor, a strange name
The face in the mirror is the same
But the name, so formal, so filled with distance
Covers the intimate joy of play, joy intense
On field, over board, lost at sea in a game
of life and chance. Professor

One seeks connection
In communion with God
community with God’s people
One seeks meaning
In conversation and silence divine and human and animal
One seeks to be – known and knower
With rank uncovered before our Judge and Lover
More than a rank or title
More than a name or quirk
To be God’s person, named and titled by God

Our forms of address: formal, informal
Do we see with the address beneath the form
To the person meaning, meant to be?
Do I? With my words and deeds
See people with themselves
Ranked and equal, all together
To know by being known

9 December 2004

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