Friday, January 27, 2006

Rolling and Rocking

Lois rolled the car yesterday (Thursday). Almost. Slid on some ice going West; flipped around; tipped over and landed facing back East on the passenger side of the car. Scary stuff, even if it happened so fast in slow motion that she had no time to be scared.

No injuries except to the car. We'll find out about those on Monday or Tuesday. But I got the call within 10 minutes of the accident, and felt some rocking to go with her rolling. It's a strange feeling: "Lois had an accident. She's okay!" Define "okay" please. Does "okay" mean she broke both arms and legs, but feels only mild discomfort? Or perhaps "okay" tells me that she wants to join a car pool to stay away from icy patches in the road.

It turns out that "okay" means that there appears to be no bruising, soreness, or other ill effects. Just the memory of hanging from the seatbelt and shoulder strap after flipping over on her side. I think about the alternatives -- possibilities that are definitely not "okay". It happened at a busy spot, and she crossed oncoming traffic before landing in the ditch. There could have been a lot of "not okays" in that scenario.

Somehow the election doesn't seem as important as it did. Let Harper run the country and fight with the Americans about who has sovereignty in the Arctic. (This little spat shows what happens when our Winters get too warm: Canadians start fighting to keep the Arctic so we can go there for some real winter.) Let the Conservatives try to work their way through the minefield of minority governance. Let our friend Harold Albrecht see which is harder -- church planting, or back benching.

Meanwhile I know what's really important. Lois rolled the car. And she's okay. Sometimes I feel like praying.

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