Saturday, January 14, 2006


Saturday night, and now I have a blog -- only because it seems blogspot makes you take a blog to post to any other site. So I have one. Whether or not I'll ever use it, I don't know. I may find that it's better than journalling. We shall see.


Ronald said...

Hi Daryl,

I just deleted my blog spot. I had it since short before Christmas, but nobody seemed to read it. So I closed it down. But I still think it is a cool idea.You just have to get people to go there from time to time to read it.
I know now and I will have a look at it sometimes.
Like I said, it's a cool idea.

ron babel

Climenheise said...

I know, Ron. I don't expect many hits -- maybe my sons will read it. If I remind them to and bug them about it! Blogging seems to me like the modern version of journalling: you write to get ideas and felings out. It's a way of thinking and processing life.