Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Liverpool, Spain

A few posts ago I wrote about my football jerseys (soccer shirts). There I described this jersey:
I wrote about it: "UK 2: Liverpool. Almost my favourite shirt. Gift from Joe, bought in Harare from a sports shop run by the former national coach there. In the 1980s Liverpool’s goalie (one of the best they have had) was a Zimbo who went to the same High School as I did in Bulawayo. You cheer for your old mates, even after they’ve had a whiff of scandal. (Nothing proved!)"
UK Liverpool indeed! People kept asking me if it was a shirt from Spain. I kept saying no, they must look alike. Then my older son searched the net for images and showed me this:
 This is indeed the home jersey for the Spanish national team! The description above remains true--except that the shirt does come from Spain. Not Liverpool. Not even Liverpool, Spain; just Spain.
Fortunately I like Spain. I can wear their shirt with pride. I can still support Liverpool and remember Grobelaar (the aforementioned goalie) with pleasure. Now all I have to do is get a shirt that looks like this!

I suppose that I can raise a glass of Carlsberg to the truth.

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