Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Razor that Keeps on Giving

Part 4. I have now used the new razor. I feel like a traitor, but it is better than the one I got 45 years ago. No surprise, I suppose -- four blades lined up in one against my oild single-edged blade. But then Lois gave me a shock, I have two razors -- the first one (a Schick) I ever got, and an interloper from Gilette that arrived in the mail. Now I have three.

Lois was doing her regular shopping and picked up some shampoo, when her friend pointed out that the same container of shampoo on another shelf had a courtesy razor attached. Gilette really wants to get these things into people's hands! So now I ahve three razors.

The reason Gilette does this is clear enough. The razor itself costs about $15 to $20. The balde cartidges are about $25 for a four pack. they're trying to get me hooked! Six dollars a cartridge, compared to my old single-edged blade at $1 each. Oh well, it does give a nice shave ....

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KGMom said...

We'll drag you into the 21st century, kicking and screaming.
Well, maybe not screaming, but at least muttering in your blog.