Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

With my sisters I wish Dad "Happy Father's Day!" Donna remembered several things: I echo three.

1) The hair combing. With his hair combed straight back, Dad appeared to have moderate length hair, but of course, pulled straight forward it became quite long. We used to comb it a lot, especially at Matopo, I think. When my hair was at its longest in college, Dad's hair was probably longer. Mine just hung straight down!

2) Bicycles. I remember learning to ride at Matopo. The long straight drive between the eucalyptus trees. Dad running behind, encouraging, letting go; and the feeling of accomplishment when I stayed upright. Many years later in Ndola I enjoyed repeating the experience with Vaughn.

The pictures above show the house we lived in then, with the driveway passing in front of our house, and some rocks we used to play on, pretending they were a ship in the ocean, or ...

3) Music. The Beethoven string quartets were the Rassumovsky Quartets, somber in comparison to the Haydn Emperor Quartet which he also had. That particular quartet has remained in my memory as a particulr favourite. When Lois and I had our first date, we went to hear a string quartet at Notre Dame. She remembers (I think) that we got lost on the way from Nappanee. I remember that we heard Haydn's Emperor Quartet, with the wonderful second movement known as the Austrian Hymn.

There are many other memories: Thank you Dad! And Happy Father's Day!


KGMom said...

Oh good, Daryl--you have these memories too. So often, I remember things, but being 5 years your elder, I remember what you may not have experienced.
And I like the photo of Daddy & Verna Mae--the star appears to be over Daddy's head! Well, it is, but it looks like it signifies something very important.

Anonymous said...

I still like to have my hair combed, but no one does it for me anymore. I remember, when I asked you to comb it, you used to comb it a short time, then say, "May I go now?" Thank you and love. I pray for you all every day, too.
Father "C"