Sunday, May 27, 2007

More About Lois

These three pictures come from London, on the way to southern Africa in 2003. The second and third pictures were taken on the London bridge, with the Tower Bridge in the background. As our guide told us, the original London Bridge was sold to an American, who was somewhat startled to find that he did not get the Tower Bridge. But then he didn't buy the Tower Bridge!
I put these pictures up because Lois looked at the staged picture from our backyard, which Nevin had taken for a class, and wondered if the two from the London Bridge weren't better. I don't know. Any picture in which I get to be with her is a good picture in my book.
This year marks our 30th anniversary. We have travelled to three continents and lived in four different countries. We have realized some of my dreams, and now her dreams are also taking more realistic shape in our lives. When we got married I was the dreamer and impulsive one. Now I like stability and consistency, and Lois surprises me with new ideas and dreams.
Just now she was talking about microloans with MEDATrust, an organization which promotes microloans in developing countries. I have thought from time to time that we are doing what we should be doing to help others in this world. She keeps reminding me that we can do more, that God wants us to do more.
It's neat being married to someone who keeps growing and developing and discovering more of what means to live in the image of God.


Denise said...

I have and continue to admire both of you and the way you live life. Your adventures in Africa were great, albeit somewhat scary at times for those of us here reading about them. I hope that most - it would be great if all, but all usually doesn’t happen – of your desires and aspirations come to fruition in this lifetime. The kiss is great, whether staged or real as they are an outward affirmation of the love you have for each other. That is always something great!

KGMom said...

So this year is yours & Lois' 30th anniversary (and Denise & Gail's)--it is Carlin's & my 40th! A big time--and not to be outdone--Denise's & Gail's 50th birthday year and Carlin's 60th!