Monday, April 23, 2007

Monty Python

I didn't mean to break a long silence in so ignominious a way. I am in the last week and after of the semester, and grading has squeezed out any journalistic impulse. But this news story from NPR "All Things Considered" at least notice. A crowd of 4,382 "coconut-bangers" playing along with "Always look on the bright side of life". Wow!

Well, back to the papers.


KGMom said...

You could have broken your silence with--And now for something completely different.
I heard the coconut bangers story also--loved it.
We went to see the Broadway version of the Search for the Holy Grail--and it is ridiculously funny, complete with coconuts.
It is, however, crossing Monty Python movies to use "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".
I love the story about the Monty Python reunion when Graham Chapman, who by that time was dead, was represented by a jar of ashes (his, presumably). When they played "Always Look" the jar "danced" on the stage. Only Monty Python.

Anonymous said...

I hope grading is going well!! Looking forward to your posts when you have time! : )

Have a great day!

Belinda said...

Good post.