Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Donna!

I know your birthday was a few days ago -- five years older than I, all our lives. It took me until now to get these pictures that mother had put in an album for me (she may have given you a similar personalized set of your own: I don't know).

So for your birthday present, here are some memories!

Love, Daryl

Mother's label: "Daryl and Donna": although of course it is Donna and Daryl

"Donna and Daryl in Pretoria, S. Africa"

"Sikalongo Mission"

Donna--Daryl--Mother--Macha Mission

"Bulawayo Park--1953"

"Leaving Choma, Zambia--1954"

"In Cherbourg, France--1955"

"On Queen E, 1954, January"

"Bulawayo Park--1958"


"Bulawayo Park--1958"
No label, but it must be around Christmas 1974.
Back: Daryl, Donna, Carlin, Denise
Front: Mother, Geoffrey, Dad

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KGMom said...

I do have some of the same. Mother put my photos in an album with a green & brown floral cover. I knew exactly what it looked like, but a couple weeks ago when I wanted it (maybe to do something similar--use in a blog) I could not find it anywhere. It had gone missing.
Two days ago, I was looking for some other photos & looked in a box where Carlin has some of his, and VOILA there was my photo album. I especially like the photo that shows a young Mother, hair dark, and actually smiling with her mouth open.
Did you know, especially as she grew older, she hated to smile with her mouth open because it showed her teeth? I always thought Mother was beautiful.
And so different from her children (not that we aren't beautiful). But there is Mother--dark hair, light olive skin, dark brown eyes. And along comes her first child--red hair; blue eyes; freckles. Then Dorothy--also red hair. Then you--red hair; brown eyes; freckles. And finally Denise--red hair; brown eyes; freckles!
For a brief time, when I was little, I began to think--I must be adopted. Then you were born! Same hair--blew my childhood fantasy!
Love you, brother mine.